MOTIVATE – ENERGISE – INSPIRE Workshops for Jazz Bands, Vocalists and Choirs

Drummer and leader of Swing City Big Band John Morrison and vocalist Jacki Cooper are passionate about music education. With years of playing, teaching, and international touring experience behind them, John and Jacki can design a workshop especially suited to your music program’s requirements.

A typical school visit may involve John working with the stage band in the morning and concert band in the afternoon in a workshop setting (working on various aspects of big band playing – dynamics, style, groove) or rehearsal setting (working on specific repertoire). Jacki works with vocalists¬† individually or in groups. She can also workshop existing choirs, teaching new charts, vocal technique, and scat. It is a great opportunity for schools with little or no vocal program to invite students for a “Come and Try” choir/vocal experience.

John Morrison has delighted audiences for more than 25 years with his humour and dedication to sounds that swing. He has performed at festivals all over the world with his brother, James Morrison and is the driving force behind Swing City – the big band that opened the Sydney Olympics in 2000. Jacki Cooper is a seasoned jazz vocalist and big band singer, also having performed internationally before teaming up with John. Together they bring their unique style of music education to schools across Australia with the aim to motivate, energise and inspire young players and singers.

Workshops include:
*Stage Band
*Concert Band
*Drum Clinic
*Rhythm Section Clinic
*Jazz Phrasing
*Finding the Groove
*Practical Dynamics
*Choir Workshop
*Voice Workshop
*Scat Workshop
*Improv for Beginners

John and Jacki can also perform with your school band or with their quartet.

For more information or a specific quote for your school:

Make it Swing – pdf

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