Proserpine – March 1, 2012

Several years ago, John and I were invited to workshop a school in Brisbane who were having a band tour. They had travelled all the way from Proserpine, in Central Queensland, on a bus that broke down every 5 minutes. The bus dramas didn’t dampen the students spirits and we enjoyed working with them.

A whole generation of high school students later, John and I were invited to perform at the North Queensland Wine and Jazz Festival in Mackay. I seemed to recall that the Proserpine student’s bus broke down the first time in Mackay, so I figured they must be reasonably close by. Thanks to Facebook, I had kept in touch with their enthusiastic director, Deb Tunbridge, and we decided that, come hell or high water, we would get to “Prossie” for a workshop.

Usually workshopping jazz bands and singers, we were asked to help the students prepare for their production of “Chicago”, one of my favorite scores. I spent the morning with all the solo vocalists, while John whipped the young band into shape, then in the afternoon we put the vocalists together with the band. Even John and I sat in with the band for a little bit of “And All That Jazz”.

Thanks for having us Prossie. It was well worth the trip!!

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