St Monica’s College, Cairns – June 15, 2012

Our visits to Cairns are getting bigger and bigger. With a new school being added for each visit, we certainly feel we are becoming part of the community!

I was invited to do a quick workshop with the lovely girls at St Monica’s College in the heart of Cairns. Walking through the grounds, I felt like I was taking a step back in time. The school gives off a vibe of history and tradition, and I soon discovered that it is more than just a feeling. Music teacher Jo Langtree told me the school was originally a primary school attended by her grandfather, then her mother, then herself, and will have her own children attending soon. How wonderful to have that connection to your workplace!

With only 1 hour to make an impact, I took a deep breath and prepared to meet the 40 strong choir. They arrived with cupcakes and tea – a great start! After a quick talk about breathing, posture and technique, the choir performed the pieces they were rehearsing for the eisteddfod the following week. As a group, they have a beautiful blend and excellent intonation. We worked on using dynamics and articulation more effectively. The girl’s have a great teacher in Mrs Langtree and clearly enjoy being part of the choir. I really enjoyed my brief workshop with them and hope they had fun at the eisteddfod. I look forward to seeing them again – perhaps when they tour to Sydney in 2013!

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